Ramu was 25 years old when he was admitted to a local hospital with severe heart failure and he was literally in death throes. His physicians told him that he has a valve condition and this would require open heart surgery immediately.

He hails from a farmer’s family and his parental income is barely enough to make ends meet. He heard that he could get valve operation done in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences (SSSIHMS) entirely free of cost. He took a three day train ride and finally reached SSSIHMS – Prashanthigram. Doctors at SSSIHMS promptly confirmed multivalve failure and performed surgery. He was back with his family and returned to work in a few months.

These type of operations are done routinely – five to ten on a daily basis at SSSIHMS in Prasanthi Nilayam and Whitefield. Thousands of patients from the poorest of poor are provided a new lease of life and a chance to spend time with their loved ones.

These are the walking miracles that happen daily in these noble institutions. Indeed a testament to the amazing medical care provided by physicians, nurses, and hospital staff for patients.

In the first video, the child says “I am feeling great and able to play and return to school since I had surgery for a hole in my heart. ..”

In the second video, the lady says “I am so fortunate and blessed. I gained a whole new life with the heart valve operation that was performed in Sri Sathya Sai hospital entirely free of cost.