SEVA Heart Foundation is driven by the passion to serve others. The journey is fueled by the happiness of those whose hearts have been touched. We strive to meet our goals and priorities with leadership, vision, and unified commitment.

Heart Valves

SEVA Heart Foundation provides artificial heart valves sourced locally to those who cannot afford open heart surgery. There is an unmet need for heart valve surgery in countries like Africa and India where rheumatic heart disease continues to be a major health crisis. Thus far, SEVA Heart Foundation donated 93 heart valves in 2018, 94 heart valves in 2019, 95 heart valves in 2020, and we have committed to donate 96 heart valves in 2021. This was possible only with the support of enthusiastic donors who contributed generously. SEVA Heart Foundation is committed to providing heart valves as an ongoing selfless service activity to ensure better access to heart healthcare for all.

Mechanical Heart Valve


Through outreach medical clinics, SEVA Heart Foundation brings cardiac care to remote areas in need, teaching local physicians in providing direct patient services to “at risk communities.” Physicians, local centers, and volunteers run follow-up clinics to ensure good postoperative care. SEVA Heart Foundation provides life saving medications and lab testing devices (International Normalized Ratio – INR) for crucial monitoring of blood thinning medications and dosage adjustments. INR kits were given to the outreach clinics where regular blood testing is done to enable and monitor patients well being. These focused efforts led to a tangible difference in improved patient outcomes.

INR Testing for Crucial Monitoring

Medical Equipment for Mobile Medical Vans

SEVA Heart Foundation is instrumental in equipping mobile medical vans with necessary medical devices in remote areas. These mobile vehicles contain many features to help patients beginning with a triage of vital signs, medical history, and reconciliation of medicines. In addition, the vehicles contain diagnostic devices such as EKG machines for patient evaluation and Auto-Analyzers for performing routine blood tests such as electrolytes, kidney function, blood glucose levels, cholesterol profile, and much more. SEVA Heart Foundation is deeply involved in providing additional medical supplies to support and deliver medical care at the patients doorstep.

Medical Equipment

Medical Camps

SEVA Heart Foundation helps conduct medical and dental camps for patients including children and adults in remote areas with poor access to medical care. During these camps, patients are given physical examinations, diagnostic studies, health education pertaining to nutrition, heart healthy lifestyle, mental health counseling, emotional support, and self hygiene. These experiences are heart warming and gratifying to all volunteers and participants involved in these camps. SEVA Heart Foundation will continue to support these outreach efforts where there is no access to healthcare.

Medical Camp

COVID-19 Relief Efforts

SEVA Heart Foundation is supporting COVID-19 relief efforts in India by providing essential medical equipment and supplies so that immediate care is provided for patients in need. The current situation is dire with an extremely high number of COVID cases that are exponentially growing.